August 30, 2016

The Maine-Endwell Little League example; Charter schools under fire; Latest push for Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

With the national focus firmly planted on tangents to the 2016 presidential election, namely Huma Abedin and her Twitter challenged soon to be former husband Anthony Weiner, we look at what is important and NOT being covered. Things like the current push to ingrain (New York) State government and unions into charter schools. Or the latest ploy to convince the American public that the TPP must be passed, all evidence that it is bad for the nation be damned. Of course we cannot miss the perfect example that is the Maine = Endwell Little League team, and their efforts to do so much more than just participate.

It's a good episode, of the things you need to knowbut really aren't being told. It's all possible because of your support. So please keep the comments coming, we always want to improve (thank you to the Binghamton saxaphonist who has ideas on improving the podcast). Remember to Share and Like the podcast (also available on iTunes for FREE). Lastly, your donations help us keep the lights on, we appreciate donations of any amount as it all makes a difference.

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