July 22, 2016

Ted Cruz in Cleveland (Gary Johnson in the wings), Kim Myers on Job Creation & 2nd Amendment

For our Friday Bonus Episode, we discuss Ted Cruz and his non-endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. In addition, we cover the impact of Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party, and the 3rd Party vote in the 2016 Presidential elections.

From the national we then move on to NY State - specifically the NY-22 congressional race (which we lead all news media in coverage on). Broome County Legislator and Democrat candidate Kim Myers appeared on WIBX on July 18, 2016. We focus on 2 parts of her conversation on that Utica radio station.

We review the similarities (to her discussion on WNBF earlier this month) and impact of Kim Myers views on job creation. This features in context audio clips of Kim Myers own words.

We also provide the audio clip of the highly confused statements by Kim Myers about the 2nd Amendment and gun control from the WIBX program. We try to understand where Kim Myers stands on the issue, and how she might act in Congress on this issue if she were to be elected.

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