August 19, 2016

Talking presidential candidate Gary Johnson with Phil Ricci of New York Libertarian Party - Part 1

This Special Episode is dedicated to 2016 3rd Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson. Though there is a backlog among media trying to reach former New Mexico Gov. Johnson, who recently hit 16% in a Quinnipiac presidential poll, we were able to speak with a surrogate for the campaign in New York - Phil Ricci, the former Vice Chairman for the NY Libertarian Party and founder of the Gennesse County Libertarian Party (he stepped down to work on the presidential campaign).

In Part 1 we discuss the achievements of Mr. Ricci, and some of the core tenants of the Libertarian Party. As for the 2016 presidential race, we discuss the current status of the Johnson campaign; Immigration policy; Legalizing (Decriminalizing) Drugs - especially marijuana; Crime and prison reform. Each is discussed in depth unlike what is found on major news media 30 second soundbites and summaries.

Part 2 focuses on: the connection of Prison & Crime & Education; Common Core; US Economy - National Debt and Budget; International Policy and War; and the future of the Libertarian Party post-Election Day; and more.

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