August 26, 2016

Stop White People 2K16 at Binghamton University

We dedicate this entire episode to discussing the revelation, brought public by the Binghamton Review - - that is the effort to promote the racist ideal of StopWhitePeople2K16.

We look at the background that created the political atmosphere where a racist ideology could flourish. From there we delve into the implicit (if not direct and active) approval of Binghamton University and how that has the effect of killing the First Amendment and open expression. Finally we address how this affects, in our opinion, the future of the nation - both via future legislation and elected officials.

Some may not agree, some may. We are open to all respectful comments, and invite Sharing this podcast (and all our podcast) to further discussion on the issues presented. 

We thank our audience for their continued support, and for donations that keep the lights on and the mic live (feel free to add your donation as well).

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