August 25, 2018

Simulcast #13: Live discussion on a great America, candidates for NY Governor, Red Flag speech, the real status of NY State, and more

We start with a recap of the week. The visit by Julie Killian, Lt. Gov. candidate. The press conference and town hall of Marc Molinaro. Plus the speech in Vestal on Red Flag legislation pending this fall. But er go beyond that to discuss how America is great, and how policies of Gov. Cuomo and others detract from that greatness. Your comments are welcome.


Video of simulcast:

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"That is the dumbest thing you can say as a politician. That’s like closing your speech with, ‘Apple pie sucks, I’m lukewarm on the troops and those stripes make the American flag look fat! Thank you, I hate my mother.’” — STEPHEN COLBERT



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