April 18, 2016

Sen. Ted Cruz in Binghamton, NY-22 results, hitting 2000, and other news

This Bonus episode (the normal podcast date is Tuesday) covers all the extra bits of news from the prior week. The first segment talks about Sen. Cruz and his visit to Binghamton NY with Sean Hannity of FOX News. 

This leads us (really it does) to talking about the NY-22 congressional race and the results from the petitions that were just submitted to the NY Board of Elections. There may be a few surprises in the near future - or so we predict.

The second segment is on a milestone acheivement at MVASS.com. It's taken 9 years (really 8) and we are proud of that. Plus we set our next milestone target.

The final segment of the show is all about the other bits of news and exclusive coverage we had in the prior week.

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