August 16, 2018

Review of our firsthand coverage of President Trump visit to Utica NY, and aftermath; Discussing the N-word via Omarosa and beyond; The Cuomo’s don’t like America

We discuss the honor of being selected for the White House Press Pool, and the experience of covering the President's arrival at Griffiss International Airport. We follow that up with the significantly different experience of covering the far left anti-Trump pro-Brindisi protest in Utica. Not to be left out we discuss the aftermath in Binghamton NY. Then we switch gears to look at the Omarosa accusation of the N-word being used, and how it is actually being used every day. But we finish with no other than the Cuomo's. CNN's Chris Cuomo justifying violence for ideas he likes, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo justifying his regime of punishing Conservatives and those he does not like by blaming America for not being in his image.


Music by: Matthew Cornell - album Icarus; Adam Ate the Apple - album No Flying Cars



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