July 5, 2016

Reaction on WNBF - FBI drops the ball; NY-22 candidate Kim Myers not ready?; Power of informed voters

What difference does it make if laws were violated, the public was mislead, so long as Democrats can push forward Hillary Clinton? She is a woman after all, and a Democrats involved in politics for more then 2 decades, so the rules are different - apparently - for elites like her. At least this is the discussion Michael Vasquez had live on-air on WNBF on July 5th.

From this breaking news we backtrack to the NY-22 race and the words of Democrat candidate Kim Myers. She too spoke on WNBF, and what she said is of critical importance to all voters regardless of political affiliation. We play the recording of the live broadcast, and discuss the meaning and how it affects you the voter.

For the final segment we review the power of our growing audience. Our listeners (and those that read the articles at Binghamton Political Buzz or posts at MVASS.com) helped to make the differences in elections going back to 2010 - and we are sure they will again in 2016 and beyond. Your support makes all the difference, and politicians are paying attention.

** Again we thank Dan Pokorak (of local band Adam Ate the Apple fame) for the custom music he provided us.

Separately, please Like/Share as every additional person makes it that much easier to get interviews with the politicians you want to hear from. Don't forget to donate - this all costs money, and we are not millionaires like HillaryClinton, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and Kim Myers. **

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