September 23, 2016

Exclusive interview with Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo; Why we shouldn’t trust major news media; Candidates ducking public but expect votes

We were able to lockdown an interview with Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (NY-123, Democrat) after she appeared at the AFRTC Vestal Candidate Forum (visit for coverage of that event). That event was the 6 year anniversary of speaking with the Assemblywoman and covering various issue - which we addressed in the interview. She also shared with us some of the latest Bills and laws she has been working on and her objective if she is re-elected in November.

We then jumped a bit as we discuss all the ways that the major news media has been justifying the recent poll result that only 32% of the public trust traditional news media. Ranging from getting the stories completely wrong to racing so fast to break news that facts are corrupted we give examples of how the traditional media is failing the public. 


We jump again and address a pet peeve, no an outright disservice to voters - when candidates avoid contact with the public to enhance their election prospects. We use Martin Babinec as one example of this trend - and extend again the offer for Babinec to come clean with the public. Honestly not holding our breath on that or else we would have passed out 6 months ago.


** As a side not, what do you think of the tag line - Dragon of the Southern Tier. Does it work for you? Let us know. And thank you for your support and interest in what we do. 


** Upcoming interviews - Binghamton Mayor Rich David & Councilwoman Dani Cronce **

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