July 15, 2016

Exclusive interview: Binghamton Councilman Conrad Taylor - pt1

This is a special episode for NO Soundbites Allowed, as this is the first Democrat to appear on the podcast. That Democrat is special as well - Councilman Conrad Taylor won his first election in November 2015 at the ripe age of 19, while still attending Binghamton University.

We spoke at length with Councilman Taylor about his election and his plans for the future. We also covered his support of Sen. Bernie Sanders and how that will affect his vote in the 2016 presidential election - as well as for youthful voters. We end Part 1 of this 2-part interview with the beginning of our discussion about the Dallas shooting and Black Lives Matter.


The summary may sound short, but the discussion between the Bernie Democrat and Conservative Republican Michael Vasquez fill the episode with a discussion some may be surprised by (but wait til they hear Part 2).


** The kitten is a joke that gets explained in Part 2, but Councilman Taylor should get a chuckle anyway. ** 

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