July 18, 2016

Exclusive Interview: Councilman Conrad Taylor - part 2

We conclude our exclusive interview with 19 year old Binghamton University student and Democratic City Councilmember Conrad Taylor. 

We pick up from where we left off in the prior episode with our discussion on Black Lives Matter, race relations, the Dallas shooting and law enforcement. From there the discussion moves on to Pokemon (seriously), and the elusive Northside grocery in Binghamton.


In addition we discuss the Broome County Adopt A Park, which Councilman Taylor and Michael Vasquez are boardmembers on - and the upcoming Paranormal event in August and LARP in Otsiningo Park in September.


This episode is sure to catch the attention of many on the Left and Right, and quite a few inbetween. We always look forward to your respectful comments. Don't forget to Like and Share so we can bring you even more exclusive interviews with the politicians that serve you, on the issues that matter to you.


** Last time we went with a kitten, so this time we try out my puppy (actually 3 years old) Khan **


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