May 3, 2016

Discussing immigration, and our first interview - Councilman Giovanni Scaringi

There are no commercials in this episode since there is so much on the subjects covered. 

One of the most hot button issues facing the nation over the last several decades, immigration is the focus of the first 2 segments. How it affects you, why its important, what is really happening when some politicians make certain statements. (Lot's of controversy to be had - respectful comments only please). 

In our final segment we have an organic and open discussion with Bighamton City Councilman Giovanni Scaringi. We discuss the realities of elected office, what it takes to improve the Southern Tier, and who is the man behind the title. 

We hope you enjoy the episode. Please let us know any questions you may have (for us or Councilman Scaringi), and leave respectful comments on how we can improve the program and your thoughts.


As always, thank you for your support, Likes, Shares, and Donations (if and when you can, whether $2 or $500 or inbetween it all counts).

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