April 29, 2016

Commentary vs hit jobs - 1st Amendment - Contact, Events, and Sincere Thanks

This was a spontaneous bonus episode (so its out late today). A small bit of a rant on the difference from doing political commentary (as I see it) and political hit jobs that pretend to be commentary for the first segment.

That leads to a discussion on the 1st Amendment. How I see its purpose defined and how it applies. Sure to stir some controversy there - for some people.

Then finally, as this was unplanned, just the various ways you can find all the various political commentary, videos, and other work I do. In addition there is an open invitation to my next speaking event. But most importantly, I thank every one of you listening for your support and time.

** For the Tuesday podcast I have the first guest for the program. Haven't tried to record multiple people so it will be interesting. Check it out. **

As always, please Like/Share, donate if you can, and respectful comments are always welcome.

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