April 22, 2016

Candidates whine on fairness - NY Presidential Primary provides predictions - Thanks for continuing support

This bonus episode covers the special event of the NY Presidential Primary, but before we get to that, we address one of the complaints that is often put on the commentary of Michael "Vass" Vasquez. Why some candidates feel reporting is hard on them and not others - without regard to the fact that some candidates provide answers to questions and others do not.

Then its on to the NY Presidential Primary. The results were not so surprising, but they also gave confirmation of a prediction on the NY-22 race. We explain exactly how we get this.

Finally we cover an error made, and upcoming events that Michael "Vass" Vasquez will be speaking at in the near term. More importantly we thank everyone for listening and supporting our podcast.

Regular scheduled podcast is on Tuesday, see you again then. Don't forget to donate if you can, Like and Share please.

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