April 19, 2016

Bernie Sanders, NY-22 petitions and ads, what is No Soundbites Allowed? - Episode 1

The official first episode. We will have a weekly episode on Tuesday with a any Bonus episodes on Friday. Plus a series of e-reading of some of the most popular articles from the 9 years of work at MVASS.com and Binghamton Political Buzz at Examiner.com. 

This episodes covers some of the big issues from last week including: Sen. Bernie Sanders in Binghamton NY; the status of advertising in politics and specifically the NY-22 as it applies to you; and the purpose of this podcast - plus a few other things.

This is an evolving webcast. We are learning and adjusting to better get the content you want to hear on the show. Please stay in touch - let us know what you think, suggestions you may have, requests for people to interview. Remember that the more of you that listen, the easier to get a politician on the show.

Please leave respectful comments, Like and Share if you enjoy the show. If you can, donate $2 or more if you like what we are trying to do (we need to pay bill and make upgrades too). 

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