May 17, 2016

A full episode talking about what the Trans issue means to America

We dedicate the full episode to discussion of the transgender issue getting so much attention in America right now. An issue that has ramifications far beyond the scope of what the major news media is touting. 

The first issue is defining what we really are speaking about, and the difference of what some politicos are speaking about as compared to the public at large. We then discuss, to some extent, what is and is not happening in legislation and how that affects the public. Finally we look at the broadest implications of what is being said and done.

This is not just a transgender issue. It's not just a State issue. Not anymore. The 30 second soundbites being used to promote aspects of what is being done deserves - in our opinion demands - greater discussion. Hopefully this will help to spark some of that discussion and thought.

By no means is this the final word on this topic. Please respectfully let us know your thoughts. Share with us how we can improve, if we should cover this more in-depth, or any relevant things we may have missed. Like/Share if you will, donate if you can (even $2, $5, or more makes a difference). Most of all, thank you for listening.

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