This is a political commentary reaction to the live talk radio interview of Matt Ryan, candidate for Broome County Sheriff, on the BinghamtonNow show on WNBF on July 26, 2018. This contains unedited excepts from the interview between host Bob Josheph and Matt Ryan, as recorded live, on the reasons and intent for running for this elected office. Commentary is directly related to the comments of Matt Ryan, and the record of Matt Ryan in 2011 as Mayor of Binghamton. Comments are welcome.


Music by: Matthew Cornwell, albulm Icarus and Adam Ate the Apple, album No Flying Cars




One of the goals of No Soundbites Allowed will be bring to the podcast/audio medium some of the articles written over the past 8 years by political commentator Michael "Vass" Vasquez. We will start this series of readings with House of Representatives passes Bill, enables restriction of 2nd Amendment right, published on May 31, 2014.

We hope that this audio article, like all of our podcasts to come, will inspire discussion and contemplation. No one will agree with every article or podcast we provide - nor is that expected. We aren't trying to change your beliefs or views or political affiliation. But we are trying to motivate you to be involved in the politics that affect your life, every day.

We are open to your suggestions on how we can improve this channel. This is new so give us the chance to show you what we plan to do. If you like what you hear, and/or believe in what we are trying to do, support us with a donation of $2 (more if you like) and Share this podcast please.

Our official launch will be on Tuesday April 19, 2016. We will be doing weekly podcast (not including audio versions of prior political commentary). We hope you will join us then and each week after. Thank you for checking us out. 

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