We welcome back to the studio Lily Tang Williams. An exceptional mother, naturalized citizen, Second Amendment advocate, and businesswoman. We discuss her speeches at colleges across the nation, her views about the Green New Deal vs China, and the latest developments of the Red Flag legislation in Colorado. Her comments on the dangers of socialism, from her first-hand view, are eyeopening.










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Returning the podcast is Rich Purtell, Political Director of the Libertarian Party. He is running for the 2019 Owego Town Council, but also took time to discuss the changes in the Libertarian Party, regionally and Statewide, since the 2018 election. In our conversation get to hear his thoughts on many of the changes in election law, and the overall impact of the Cuomo agenda in Tioga County, NY. As a candidate we get to hear about some of his concerns and goals for the Town of Owego Council.


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An in-depth conversation with Chris DeMarco, president of the Binghamton University College Republican Club on the perceptions of the latest laws passed by the NY State legislature and signed by Gov. Cuomo. What impact is it having on college students? What are the discussions on free college for illegal aliens? How do female students feel about having to wait 30 days to protect themselves? We asked, and Chris gave us his thoughts.

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January 25, 2019 - Broome County, NY - We sat down with NY-52 State Senator Fred Akshar ahead of the expected votes on pending gun legislation in the NY State Senate. The discussion covers the ramifications of Gov. Cuomo's push on a Progressive social agenda, the NY economy and small business community, taxation, and communicating with the public - besides several firearm Bills. It was a candid and frank conversation about the consequences of elections, and the future of New York State. 


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After covering the 2019 Chamber of Commerce breakfast, we had the chance to speak again with Clifford Crouch of the 122nd Assembly District. We had the chance to discuss his reaction to the NY State of the State, his views on issues affecting jobs and the economy in the Southern Tier, and the pending gun legislation facing the State Legislature in a week.

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In an exclusive interview, we welcome back to the program Alex Merced. A candidate for the NY Senate in 2016 when we last interviewed him, Alex is now Vice-Chair national and addressed his personal path to this position. We also addrerss on-going issues like the 2020 race, the NY State of the State, gun control legislation, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the growth of an alternative to the 2-Party system. We hope you enjoy.










Returning to our podcast is Larry Sharpe of the now officially recognized Libertarian Party of New York. We discuss the changes since becoming acknowledged by New York State, impressions from the 2019 State of the State, and impending gun control legislation. We also got a peek at plans for elections in 2019 and 2020 among other activities. 


2018 NY Governor race results: 


Larry Sharpe fist interview:


Andrew Hollister:



On September 13, 2018, Republican voters in the 122nd Assembly District will have an important opportunity to share their voice on the direction of the November ballot with the Primary vote. The Primary is between 23 year incumbent Cliff Crouch and first time candidate Nick Libous. We already interviewed Cliff Crouch on his record, his vote on pending Red Flag legislation, and this election challenge. Now we speak with the only other opponent in the race, Nick Libous, on the issues he stands for, the change he hopes to enact if elected, and who he is. This is an exclusive interview in a race largely overlooked by all other news media. 











We present an exclusive interview, taped in-studio, speaking with Assemblywoman Lupardo of the NY-123 about critical issues she has been working on for her constituents. Topics discussed include: Issuing new Social Security card and potential scams the public needs to be aware of; Hemp legislation; Student Journalist Free Speech Act; and the Red Flag legislation. Questions and answers that youo cannot find anywhere else, without the restriction of 30 second sounbites that major news media are limited to present. Hear what is happening on your behalf in the NY State Assembly. Please like and share.










We present an exclusive unedited interview with County Executive Jason Garnar to discuss his thoughts on developing property in West Endicott, NY and the role National Pipe will have in that. We also got some clarification on progress at the opioid addition treatment facility, as well as addressing the opioid crisis in the region. We got to learn about the experience in taking on the position of County Executive and what Executive Garnar sees as the future role of SUNY Broome as well as job creation. This interview cannot be found anywhere else and goes beyond the soundbites major media normally restricts conversations with elected officals to.

End song by Adam Ate the Apple, albulm: No Flying Cars


Contact Broome County Executive by phone: 607.778.2109; email: countyexecutive@co.broome.ny.us







We share our exclusive interview with first-time candidate Eric Bosworth, a Libertarian candidate for the New York 122nd Assembly District race [covering Broome, Chenango, Delaware, and Otsego Counties], in his first news media interview. Mr. Bosworth will be facing incumbent Assemblyman Clifford Crouch or Republican challenger Nick Libous (there is no Democrat challenger declared at this time). We have extended invitations to all candidates to be interviewed. All interviews are verbatim.


Music by: Adam Ate The Apple - Album: No Flying Cars; Matthew Cornwell - Album: Icarus












We went on location for an exclusive interview, the first for the Libertarian candidate Shawn Szymanski, who is running for the NYS Assembly District 123 versus incumbent Democrat Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo. The interview was at Strange Brew, located in Downtown Binghamton, on April 15th. We have requested an interview with Assemblywoman Lupardo as well.




(607) 232-4979



Exclusive and without edit, more than 1 hour of discussion and insight with gubinatorial candidate Larry Sharpe of the Libertarian Party. We discuss Libertarian values, goals for NY, SAFE Act, taxes, drug laws and enforcement, property rights, and much more. This exclusive interview can be found no where else.

NO Soundbites Allowed is the only source in the Southern Tier and Mowhawk Valley to hear unedited complete coverage of politicians and candidates.


Additional sources:






Interview with Binghamton Democratic Councilwoman Dani Cronce, discussing her efforts to improve the quality of life for residents in the 3rd District and the City. 

We speak with Dani Cronce, the founder of several Non-Profit organizations in Broome County. These include: Broome County Adopt-A-Park, Southern Tier Second Chance Housing, and Creative Pioneers. Dani shares with us how each will address needs of the local community in 2018 and well beyond.



Contact - bcadoptapark@gmail.com


We are joined by 2 guest speakers, Paul-Anthony Cuesta of NY Federation of College Republicans and Carney Burns of Black Conservative Federation share their expereince of being Black Republicans, and the importance of not being isolated on college communities across the State.








Had a great discussion with musician and songwriter Dan Pokorak about just about everything going on in politics at this time. Oprah for President, President Donald Trump, Haiti, Hawaii, nuclear arms talks with North Korea, regime change in Iran and more. Along the way we even agreed a bit. It was a great conversation, but please leave your thoughts and questions. If we get 100 likes, Dan is willing to come back for more - so like and share with all your friends.














What is the actual message of BLM? What do they really stand for? I went to a meeting of Black Lives Matters to find out, and the answer was shocking. [Note: the location of meeting was at United Presbyterian Church, it is misidentified in the Podcast]

With the 2016 NY elections over, and incumbent State Senator Fred Akshar re-elected, we discuss what are the plans for 2017. What issues are the priority and what can votes expect to see in legislation? Crime, taxes, minimum wage, the SAFE Act and 2nd Amendment, are a few of the issues covered in this exclusive interview of an elected official.

This special episode is dedicated to a discussion on a controversial topic: militias. Specifically constitutional militias, especially in New York. We speak to guest and founder of the New York Revolution and State Commander for the NY Light Foot Militia, George Curbello. We ask the questions the media won't ask but the public wants to know. It's an informative conversation that can only be found here at NO Soundbites Allowed.

To see the first interview with George Curbello, and our video of that interview, visit http://www.mvass.com/2015/04/21/discussing-the-2nd-amendment-ny-safe-act-constitutional-militias-at-vfw-478/

This episode is dedicated to speaking with the next generation. We discuss the 2016 election and current politics with Chris Almeida of Binghamton University and President of the BU College Republicans. This is an exclusive look into a segment of the voting population rarely heard from by major news media.

Well it took a few months, but we were able to lockdown candidate Jason Garnar inbetween events in his campaign schedule. The Democratic challenger for the Broome County Executive race, spoke without fear to the "Dragon of the Southern Tier" and addressed his concerns for the future and the Southern Tier. 

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We will work on trying to get a few more candidates on before the November election, so stay tuned.

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