In another simulcast via Facebook Live, we again seemed to have help keep Facebook censors employed. With Felicia Mitchell in our studio, we spoke to the public on Facebook about the Supreme Court, the Red Hen restaurant, illegal alien child separation at the border, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Affirmative Action, the potential of a civil war in the future and poll on millenials preferring Socialism and Communism. We covered a lot of ground.




In this Facebook Live simulcast we spoke about the border, and the separation of the children of illegal aliens. A hot topic and one that deserves more than just headlines and false images to emotionally manipulate the public. Plus more in this podcast of your questions.



Perhaps our most controversial podcast yet... because we discuss one of the most hot button topics of the year without the crippling emotion that has been its main selling point. We track the issue from its start, and give it more weight than a headline or pundit one-liner. The result may surprise many, on an issue that deserves to be taken seriously.






We present an exclusive unedited interview with County Executive Jason Garnar to discuss his thoughts on developing property in West Endicott, NY and the role National Pipe will have in that. We also got some clarification on progress at the opioid addition treatment facility, as well as addressing the opioid crisis in the region. We got to learn about the experience in taking on the position of County Executive and what Executive Garnar sees as the future role of SUNY Broome as well as job creation. This interview cannot be found anywhere else and goes beyond the soundbites major media normally restricts conversations with elected officals to.

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Contact Broome County Executive by phone: 607.778.2109; email:




We spoke live with public on Facebook and discussed the Red Flag Bills being proposed in New York State by Governor Cuomo. What are they? What is the promise from politicians? What is the reality in law? How badly will Rights and freedoms be curtailed for the illusion of safety? What can the public do about it? We address all of it in this episode. Please share this - and most of all contact your State Senator and ask them to vote NO.


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Go here to find your State Senator: 




We share our exclusive interview with first-time candidate Eric Bosworth, a Libertarian candidate for the New York 122nd Assembly District race [covering Broome, Chenango, Delaware, and Otsego Counties], in his first news media interview. Mr. Bosworth will be facing incumbent Assemblyman Clifford Crouch or Republican challenger Nick Libous (there is no Democrat challenger declared at this time). We have extended invitations to all candidates to be interviewed. All interviews are verbatim.


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In a mid-week podcast we ask serious questions about what is happening in our nation. The manner in which a simple question is now considered a racial assault. The deception, and ramifications, of a President appeasing a nation behind American backs. The insidious nature of using kids and emotions to strip New York residents of their 2nd Amendment and 4th Amendment Rights - while obliterating Due Process - all in the name of Red Flag and ERPO laws that can't be passed by normal means. These are troubling events indeed.


Music: Matthew Cornwell - Album: Icarus - Tracks: Break The Habit & As The World Turns

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There is a lot going on in the nation that doesn't fit the major media 24/7 news cycle, yet is vital to our lives. We look back at the Dicks Sporting Goods/Walmart lawsuit, and the Red Flag proposals (or Extreme Risk Protection Order) creeping into our States. We dive into the censorship affecting colleges across the nation, and the Student Journalist Free Speech Act to protect them in NY. We review what actually are the powers of pardon allowed the Executive Branch, and considered by past Presidents. But most of all we invite you to know more about our freedoms - limited only when we give Government our power - so you can make up your own mind what to do. Please share and like.


Music by: Matthew Cornwell, Album: Icarus, Tracks: Break The Habit & As The World Turns

Adam Ate the Apple, Album: No Flying Cars, Track: Matches




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