I rarely hear from supporters of the social justice movement, but this is one example of a recent interaction. I believe it says a lot about the entire movement, and you may agree or not. But here it is. Let me know your thoughts.

A KKK rally. A murder incited by race. The key points the media is pushing, but there is more too this. There are bigger things to talk about in this. Join the discussion here, whether you agree or disagree with the points being made. 

Ever wonder why the Far Left always seems to be protesting something? Like improved housing for the poor. Or how they ignore laws and expect no consequence? Well since before the 2016 election the answer, in part, has been the doom that would surely and immediately happen once Pres. Trump was elected. But has anyone checked the numbers? I did - WARNING - there will be numbers discussed. Spoiler, if you are in the Far Left, the numbers don't live up to the hype.  

Yes I have been quiet for a while. The first segment addresses what I've been doing, keeping me out of the direct public eye. From there we jump right in and discuss the horror that is Grammarly. Which takes us to colleges and the voluntary self-segregation that is Safe Spaces.  Don't be shy, its been a while so speak up and comment away.

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