With the 2016 NY elections over, and incumbent State Senator Fred Akshar re-elected, we discuss what are the plans for 2017. What issues are the priority and what can votes expect to see in legislation? Crime, taxes, minimum wage, the SAFE Act and 2nd Amendment, are a few of the issues covered in this exclusive interview of an elected official.

This special episode is dedicated to a discussion on a controversial topic: militias. Specifically constitutional militias, especially in New York. We speak to guest and founder of the New York Revolution and State Commander for the NY Light Foot Militia, George Curbello. We ask the questions the media won't ask but the public wants to know. It's an informative conversation that can only be found here at NO Soundbites Allowed.

To see the first interview with George Curbello, and our video of that interview, visit http://www.mvass.com/2015/04/21/discussing-the-2nd-amendment-ny-safe-act-constitutional-militias-at-vfw-478/

This episode is dedicated to speaking with the next generation. We discuss the 2016 election and current politics with Chris Almeida of Binghamton University and President of the BU College Republicans. This is an exclusive look into a segment of the voting population rarely heard from by major news media.

Things get a bit excited in this episode, but with the 2016 elections just a week away how can you blame us. Wikileaks and revelations about the DNC abound. The impact on down-ballot races is apparent. But most of all, the rank-and-file vote is pre-eminent in everything happening. Corruption cannot exist where well informed voters reside.

We look forward to your comments and thank you for your support, always.
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