Just a semi-rant of how disappointing the 2016 elections are. Not just the Presidential election, but all the way down the ballot. Yes, voters are being played, manipulated, and most don't even see it. 

Yes, go out and vote, because it matters. But know what is being done to shape and direct your vote - no matter who you choose to vote for.

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Well it took a few months, but we were able to lockdown candidate Jason Garnar inbetween events in his campaign schedule. The Democratic challenger for the Broome County Executive race, spoke without fear to the "Dragon of the Southern Tier" and addressed his concerns for the future and the Southern Tier. 

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We will work on trying to get a few more candidates on before the November election, so stay tuned.

The 2016 elections, more than any election in recent memory (or perhaps ever), is poised to be an election cycle based on feelings over facts and details. From the presidential to the local elections, candidates of all political Parties are avoiding details and manipulating the emotions of voters. How this will prioritize policy, where it can, depends entirely on how your vote ranks. 

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With the latest news on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton since Friday in the open, we stop to look at what this all means. What are the critical things to be thinking about as the 2nd Presidential debate of 2016 unfolds? What will this mean for the nation, and the world?

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Sorry for the delay. Illness and a few life changes have shaken up the podcast schedule. More clarity on change in podcast release dates soon.

Of course the main issue in politics for most people is the 2016 Presidential race, be we look at a few different aspects of that race in this episode. In addition we consider the ramification of who chooses the next 1-3 Supreme Court Justices and how it may effect the nation for generations. Lastly we touch on the trend in politics (at all levels and Parties) to promote rumor and personal vendettas at the expense of voters (which may confirm why some consider me the dragon of the Southern Tier).

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