Where Black Lives Matter (BLM) goes, there are no positives that follow. It's an opinion and it is explained in this episode.

This episode starts off with a speech from July 23, 2016. Michael Vasquez was one of the features speakers at the pro-2nd Amendment, anti-SAFE Act rally in Norwich, NY. Additional speakers included County Executive Rob Astorino, Wendy Long, Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney, Assemblyman Bill Nojay, and State Senator Fred Akshar.

We also discuss how the major news media mainly ignored the event, with one news station doing selective editing at the event and Fox40 nearly missing the entire event. A true disservice to the public, and we admonish them for it.

But the final segment discusses the Back the Blue event in Binghamton, NY on July 25, 2016. Held at the Binghamton City Hall, the annual event brought together some 200 politicians and members of the community - even some from Tioga and Chenango Counties - in a display of support for the police and the work they do. We also address the feeble attempt by Black Lives Matter to protest against the police.

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For our Friday Bonus Episode, we discuss Ted Cruz and his non-endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. In addition, we cover the impact of Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party, and the 3rd Party vote in the 2016 Presidential elections.

From the national we then move on to NY State - specifically the NY-22 congressional race (which we lead all news media in coverage on). Broome County Legislator and Democrat candidate Kim Myers appeared on WIBX on July 18, 2016. We focus on 2 parts of her conversation on that Utica radio station.

We review the similarities (to her discussion on WNBF earlier this month) and impact of Kim Myers views on job creation. This features in context audio clips of Kim Myers own words.

We also provide the audio clip of the highly confused statements by Kim Myers about the 2nd Amendment and gun control from the WIBX program. We try to understand where Kim Myers stands on the issue, and how she might act in Congress on this issue if she were to be elected.

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We had the chance to speak with the very busy New York State Senator Fred Akshar later in the day July 15, 2016. This is the second time Michael Vasquez has been able to interview Sen. Akshar making us one of the leading sources on his work for the 52nd NY State Senate District.

Sen. Akshar shared with us his upcoming Spiedies with Senator event (in Chenango on Thursday July 21, 2016) which will give the public a chance to meet and have a relaxed time with him. Plus we asked about the upcoming 2nd Annual Bring Back America Festival on July 23, 2016 in Norwich NY (East Park - put it on your calendar), where both Sen. Akshar and Michael Vasquez will be speaking alongside Carl Paladino, Rob Astorino, Stephen Aldstadt of SCOPE, Chirs Naylor of Southern Tier SCOPE, and Republican congressional candidate Claudia Tenney.


But of course we spoke about much more. There was the Dallas shooting, the role and challenge of law enforcement, and the efforts of the freshman State Senator on fighting the Heroin crisis. Plus we learned of the business council created by Sen. Akshar to help to enable small business creation and growth to revitalize the Southern Tier.


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** This episode takes tyhe place of our normal Tuesday podcast **

We conclude our exclusive interview with 19 year old Binghamton University student and Democratic City Councilmember Conrad Taylor. 

We pick up from where we left off in the prior episode with our discussion on Black Lives Matter, race relations, the Dallas shooting and law enforcement. From there the discussion moves on to Pokemon (seriously), and the elusive Northside grocery in Binghamton.


In addition we discuss the Broome County Adopt A Park, which Councilman Taylor and Michael Vasquez are boardmembers on - and the upcoming Paranormal event in August and LARP in Otsiningo Park in September.


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** Last time we went with a kitten, so this time we try out my puppy (actually 3 years old) Khan **


This is a special episode for NO Soundbites Allowed, as this is the first Democrat to appear on the podcast. That Democrat is special as well - Councilman Conrad Taylor won his first election in November 2015 at the ripe age of 19, while still attending Binghamton University.

We spoke at length with Councilman Taylor about his election and his plans for the future. We also covered his support of Sen. Bernie Sanders and how that will affect his vote in the 2016 presidential election - as well as for youthful voters. We end Part 1 of this 2-part interview with the beginning of our discussion about the Dallas shooting and Black Lives Matter.


The summary may sound short, but the discussion between the Bernie Democrat and Conservative Republican Michael Vasquez fill the episode with a discussion some may be surprised by (but wait til they hear Part 2).


** The kitten is a joke that gets explained in Part 2, but Councilman Taylor should get a chuckle anyway. ** 

With the study from Harvard professor Roland Fryer revealing surprising facts, and Hillary Clinton using emotional misdirection to gain a political advantage, we had a lot to say in this episode. We are looking forward to you comments on this.

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Don't forget to come hear Michael Vasquez (as well as Carl Paladino, Rob Astorino, Claudia Tenney, and State Senator Fred Akshar among others) on 7/23/16 in East Park in Norwich NY from 1pm-5pm. The Bring Back America Festival is FREE, with music and food as well.

We react to the execution of 5 Dallas police officers, the injury to 7 others, and reportedly 2 innocent citizens, by allegedly 3-4 snipers. The news is still developing on what occurred and why, but this special episode is an at times emotional response to the news based on details known as of 9:30am on July 8, 2016.

This episode also contains audio of the live on-air call to WNBF news radio by Michael Vasquez on this subject as well.

Our prayers go to those injured, our condolences to those that have passed, and a call for justice and the full force of the law against the vile cretins that enacted this repulsive domestic terrorism.

What difference does it make if laws were violated, the public was mislead, so long as Democrats can push forward Hillary Clinton? She is a woman after all, and a Democrats involved in politics for more then 2 decades, so the rules are different - apparently - for elites like her. At least this is the discussion Michael Vasquez had live on-air on WNBF on July 5th.

From this breaking news we backtrack to the NY-22 race and the words of Democrat candidate Kim Myers. She too spoke on WNBF, and what she said is of critical importance to all voters regardless of political affiliation. We play the recording of the live broadcast, and discuss the meaning and how it affects you the voter.

For the final segment we review the power of our growing audience. Our listeners (and those that read the articles at Binghamton Political Buzz or posts at MVASS.com) helped to make the differences in elections going back to 2010 - and we are sure they will again in 2016 and beyond. Your support makes all the difference, and politicians are paying attention.

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