For this Bonus Friday June 24, 2016, we have the pleasure of speaking with one of the Executive Committee members of the Conservative Party of New York, Chris Kendall of Madison County.

This exclusive interview discusses Mr. Kendall's views, as a Conservative and one of the few people to have spoken with all of the candidates in the New York 22nd Republican Congressional race. Chris lends us his unique insight and reviews the status of the negative ads and candidate positions.


Some may be amazed at details about the race that have never been revealed before. But one thing is sure, no other news media or political commentary has this exclusive that our supporters will have access to - for FREE!


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SPECIAL THANKS to Dan Pokorak - he created our new intro and transition music, as well as taping it live so we could use it in our podcasts. Check out his band Adam Ate the Apple at the Belmar Bar in Binghamton on Thursday nights - no cover charge! He also runs the Open Mic night at the Belmar on Monday nights 9pm - close

This is part 2 of our discussion with former Binghamton City Council President John Cordisco. This picks up immediately where the last episode ended.

We covered topics as varied as: Racism and race relations; teen pregnancy; Women's rights; Affirmative Action; socialism; 2nd Amendment and far more. 


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We started off planning to just do 15 minutes with John Cordisco, but that's just not possible. John is a wealth of information, history, and experience. There is no dipping your toes when you speak with him. That's why we had to split the discussion into 2 parts (of which this is part 1).

We covered topics as varied as: Why he left the Democratic Party to join Republicans; chess; Food Stamps; charity; gun control; local politics in Binghamton; Northside grocery; subsidies; creating jobs; socialism; teen pregnancy and far more. 


Whether you agree or not, we are sure that there is a topic covered that you will want to hear about. Please Like/Share and donate if you can to help us continue covering the topics and people you want to hear.

We were able to attend the WSKG debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters at the last minute, and we discuss some of what happened at the debate and personally after the debate.It was a quite telling display of the character of candidates Geoege Phillips and Steve Wells.

We also wanted to discuss a bit about how disingenuous the gun ban proposals are. How they would be considered racial profiling if this was about people, and how it is designed to not make the pubic safer - if emotion is removed from the discussion and the facts are reviewed.

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A slightly different format in this episode (do tell us what you think of it). We start with the issue that is dominating the news, the mass shooting in Florida. We then move to the NY-22 Republican debates, where we listen to the answers to a question on Heroin that reveals a lot about each candidate and what they might do if elected. 

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In a busy week with lots of news, we look at the law. Law that is being broken, law that is being transformed, and one of the critical people responsible for these changes.

Whether you agree a little or a lot, these are the issues that the 2016 elections will address. The choices we make will affect generations to come.

But on a lighter note we also mention that all are welcome to the 2nd Annual Bring Back America Rally, in Norwich NY, on July 23rd from 1pm - 5pm.

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Back from the holiday break, we tackle the ongoing issue of the VA and the treatment of Veterans (especially the wait times for treatment). Why is the VA so paranoid about revealing simple statistics? Why won't the VA provide the numbers being requested. What is being hidden from the public?

These are serious questions that affect this nation, but when we try to look at this at the local level, you may be surprised by the response.

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** Note - Prior articles on Secretary Robert MacDonald - 
2/21/15Commentary: Warning signs at the VA, again -

6/22/15Scandal are forgotten, but so are the problems as vets still wait for care

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