"How can you pursue happiness if the freedom to choose a path has been taken from you?"

With the loss of choice dies our freedom to pursue happiness. But just like how you may not notice that happening right now, in each segment of the episode we add the layers that are killing our Right to choose. A Right that was bled for, and the reason why there is a Memorial Day. 

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In this episode we take a look at how - from the Federal to the local level - Government and elected officials are spending your tax dollars, and the campaign promises they keep making to keep you at bay. We cite 2 examples that are on-going and have been covered at the Binghamton Political Buzz over the years.

Since that discussion takes up 2 segments, in our final segment we decided to do something different. We look at several of the major characters and families in Game of Thrones and see what real world groups and countries they resemble. Just something light to end the episode on.

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With a sudden protest, Black Lives Matter thrust itself on Binghamton NY this week. Not surprisingly the protest was made up of Citizen Action, Working Families Party, Liberal and Progressive members (just like when the Occupy Binghamton protest came to town in 2011). But this podcast is about the message and philosophy behind all the bluster - as it was explained to us by Larry Parr of Citizen Action and Working Families Party.

We share his quotes, and delve into what Black Lives Matters and the progressive agenda really mean to the rest of America and Binghamton, NY.

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We dedicate the full episode to discussion of the transgender issue getting so much attention in America right now. An issue that has ramifications far beyond the scope of what the major news media is touting. 

The first issue is defining what we really are speaking about, and the difference of what some politicos are speaking about as compared to the public at large. We then discuss, to some extent, what is and is not happening in legislation and how that affects the public. Finally we look at the broadest implications of what is being said and done.

This is not just a transgender issue. It's not just a State issue. Not anymore. The 30 second soundbites being used to promote aspects of what is being done deserves - in our opinion demands - greater discussion. Hopefully this will help to spark some of that discussion and thought.

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In this Friday episode we cover a lot of ground, so no commercials.

We start with a minor comparison of Game of Thrones to modern politics using the example of NY-22 candidate Steve Wells. (Future episodes may explore this comparison a bit more in-depth).

From there we go in a mostly different direction, discussing the conviction of Dean Skelos. The big thing is how corruption, from the top of the Government (Hillary Clinton) to the State (NY as an example) to the local levels, directly affect the public (jobs, quality of life and more).

For the final segment we opened our phone to listeners, and took a call from Rich Purtell of the Libertarian Party.

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In this episode we discuss how the people chosen in elections impact the economy, and how that directly affects every American - even if they don't vote.

That leads us to a discussion of how simply re-electing current elected officials, and/or voting based solely on 30 second soundbites, has resulted in the long-term problem we face today.

Lastly though anything but least, is our special guest - via phone - just for Mother's Day (with a message for single parents out there as well).

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Before we start our 4th Bonus Friday Episode, we take a moment in memory of Sen. Tom Libous who passed this week.

We then discuss the ramifications of the Indiana presidential primary, and the choices it leaves voters.

That leads us to our predictions on how it will affect the NY-22 race, as well as an event that will change the congressional race near-term.

Finally we go over some changes we are planning to improve the program (like being on iTunes). Of course we always welcome your respectful comments, ways we can improve the show, and who you would like to hear as our next guest.

There are no commercials in this episode since there is so much on the subjects covered. 

One of the most hot button issues facing the nation over the last several decades, immigration is the focus of the first 2 segments. How it affects you, why its important, what is really happening when some politicians make certain statements. (Lot's of controversy to be had - respectful comments only please). 

In our final segment we have an organic and open discussion with Bighamton City Councilman Giovanni Scaringi. We discuss the realities of elected office, what it takes to improve the Southern Tier, and who is the man behind the title. 

We hope you enjoy the episode. Please let us know any questions you may have (for us or Councilman Scaringi), and leave respectful comments on how we can improve the program and your thoughts.


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