This was a spontaneous bonus episode (so its out late today). A small bit of a rant on the difference from doing political commentary (as I see it) and political hit jobs that pretend to be commentary for the first segment.

That leads to a discussion on the 1st Amendment. How I see its purpose defined and how it applies. Sure to stir some controversy there - for some people.

Then finally, as this was unplanned, just the various ways you can find all the various political commentary, videos, and other work I do. In addition there is an open invitation to my next speaking event. But most importantly, I thank every one of you listening for your support and time.

** For the Tuesday podcast I have the first guest for the program. Haven't tried to record multiple people so it will be interesting. Check it out. **

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One of the most debated issues since the birth of the nation. The 2nd Amendment is a current issue that the next President and Congress could affect for decades to come. Listen to the podcast as we discuss what is the at the core of the debate, the real impact of gun restriction legislation, and how some politicians are using the issue to affect you.

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This bonus episode covers the special event of the NY Presidential Primary, but before we get to that, we address one of the complaints that is often put on the commentary of Michael "Vass" Vasquez. Why some candidates feel reporting is hard on them and not others - without regard to the fact that some candidates provide answers to questions and others do not.

Then its on to the NY Presidential Primary. The results were not so surprising, but they also gave confirmation of a prediction on the NY-22 race. We explain exactly how we get this.

Finally we cover an error made, and upcoming events that Michael "Vass" Vasquez will be speaking at in the near term. More importantly we thank everyone for listening and supporting our podcast.

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The official first episode. We will have a weekly episode on Tuesday with a any Bonus episodes on Friday. Plus a series of e-reading of some of the most popular articles from the 9 years of work at and Binghamton Political Buzz at 

This episodes covers some of the big issues from last week including: Sen. Bernie Sanders in Binghamton NY; the status of advertising in politics and specifically the NY-22 as it applies to you; and the purpose of this podcast - plus a few other things.

This is an evolving webcast. We are learning and adjusting to better get the content you want to hear on the show. Please stay in touch - let us know what you think, suggestions you may have, requests for people to interview. Remember that the more of you that listen, the easier to get a politician on the show.

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This Bonus episode (the normal podcast date is Tuesday) covers all the extra bits of news from the prior week. The first segment talks about Sen. Cruz and his visit to Binghamton NY with Sean Hannity of FOX News. 

This leads us (really it does) to talking about the NY-22 congressional race and the results from the petitions that were just submitted to the NY Board of Elections. There may be a few surprises in the near future - or so we predict.

The second segment is on a milestone acheivement at It's taken 9 years (really 8) and we are proud of that. Plus we set our next milestone target.

The final segment of the show is all about the other bits of news and exclusive coverage we had in the prior week.

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One of the goals of No Soundbites Allowed will be bring to the podcast/audio medium some of the articles written over the past 8 years by political commentator Michael "Vass" Vasquez. We will start this series of readings with House of Representatives passes Bill, enables restriction of 2nd Amendment right, published on May 31, 2014.

We hope that this audio article, like all of our podcasts to come, will inspire discussion and contemplation. No one will agree with every article or podcast we provide - nor is that expected. We aren't trying to change your beliefs or views or political affiliation. But we are trying to motivate you to be involved in the politics that affect your life, every day.

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Our official launch will be on Tuesday April 19, 2016. We will be doing weekly podcast (not including audio versions of prior political commentary). We hope you will join us then and each week after. Thank you for checking us out. 
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